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The Buskers     Fiddlers Three     Sommer & Burr

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The Buskers

The Buskers have been going strong since our we met each other

at an open mic in 1993.  These guys keep me on my toes with original songs,  improvisational opportunity and humor.

“The inventiveness of jazz,

the simplicity and directness of folk music,

And the energy of a roots rock house party.”

"See this band if you get a chance...

I'd even call them luminescent.

As well as versatile, passionate, and funny."

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Fiddlers Three


My friend Ellen (on the right) and I once had a band with two fiddles but now we are on an even more exciting path with three fiddles, adding Melissa.  If you are a fiddler you know how much fun it is to play wild fiddle tunes with other fiddlers.  These gals are talented and full of musical energy.

They set a standard that is held on a wide range of music.

For all fans of American fiddle

- including the US & Canada - this project is worth your attention.

Fiddlers Magazine


Sommer & Burr

Making music with Jim Burr is a joy for me because I can delve into the violin sound more than the fiddle sound.  Jim is supportive of any and all my playing ventures and his jazz background and sophisticated solos inspire me to play well.  Our repertoire includes jazz and multi-genre music as well as classical works that make our presentations engaging, classy and exciting.

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