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 Sheet music and physical cds for sale.  Please use the contact page to arrange payment for download or mailing.

Whatever You Wish melody.  Beautiful with just guitar or piano.

Whatever You Wish Melody-page-0.jpg
Whatever You WishThe Buskers
00:00 / 02:46

Whatever You Wish with 2 & 3 part harmony.  First time thru tune harmonies are pizz, second time thru tune harmonies change and are bowed.

page 1.jpg
10 Whatever You Wish Fiddlers ThreeFiddlers Three
00:00 / 03:03

Recordings for sale, either physical cd or digital download.

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I have been teaching violin/fiddle

since 1990

Classical or fiddle



Developing stylistic variety in a tune

And more.

Check out my mini-lessons on my Instagram and YouTube pages.

   You might also want to attend Fiddleheads Acoustic JamCamp for a group experience.  This is an annual weekend camp in September.  I'm partial to it because I was co-founder and organizer through 2020 with my wonderful fiddle buddy Ellen Carlson.  It is an excellent opportunity to learn to jam with other musicians.

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